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Order Adagio Tea Online from City Centre Coffee

Find time to decompress and enjoy the quieter moments of the day. A soothing cup of tea will often undergird the will to handle the stress each day brings. With a mug of gourmet Adagio Tea, you’ll not only bask in luminous flavors but also reap the health benefits and comforts of a delicious beverage.

We offer Adagio in tea bags or loose leaf depending on your preference. Since 1999, Adagio Tea has been providing quality teas to consumers using best-in-class practices. Voted as one of the most trustworthy companies by Consumer Union, it was a natural fit with City Centre Coffee to begin offering their products. Buy Adagio tea online with us and 100-percent of profits will be donated to helping tea farmers, their families and needy others around the world in underdeveloped regions. It’s part of our commitment to give back to the communities that provide so much for us, but with little access to education and resources to sustain a quality way of life. Take advantage of our free shipping and support our cause.