Nigerian Widows and Orphans

Glory of Christ International Church (GCIC) has been providing practical and spiritual assistance to widowed women and orphaned children in Lagos, Nigeria since 2012. Most of these are living in abject poverty without hope. Their key challenges are unemployment, accommodation, funds for business start-up, child education sponsorship, food and clothing among many others.

GCIC coordinates training for widows in a trade of their choosing, assists them with job placement and conducts regular visits to encourage and monitor their progression. With the loss of their husbands, these women face a much more difficult future filled with obstacles to their long-term success. Many have children that must help generate income for the family in order to survive. Children of widows are therefore employed at menial jobs rather than focusing on their education and long-term development. In providing the training and skills these women need to survive and thrive, GCIC is initiating a self-help movement within the lives of the less fortunate women in southwestern Nigeria. In doing so, they are providing a stable and more sustainable life for these women as well as their families.

In similar fashion, GCIC is focused on helping children that have been orphaned, by inspiring in them a strong desire for learning and self-improvement. GCIC facilitates this by enrolling the child in a government school, covering expenses for books and a uniform, as well as regular follow-ups inside their school and homes to monitor their educational progress, encourage them and assist with various other problems that can obstruct their development. GCIC is demonstrating Jesus’ love to the suffering of Lagos by reaching, raising, rescuing and releasing the oppressed to live meaningful, purpose-filled lives.

City Centre Coffee is pleased to assist GCIC in this endeavor. A portion of every sale will be used to assist GCIC in their ministry to the widowed women and orphaned children of southwestern Nigeria. For more information on how you can personally help, contact Reverend Candy Omolemen in Lagos, Nigeria at the email address listed below.