The Exodus Road

Matt and Laura Parker hadn’t lived in Thailand long when they realized they were surrounded by a serious problem.

They had left Colorado with their three young children to run a home for impoverished girls in rural Thailand in 2010, and within a year Matt was running up against more and more stories of girls taken from their villages, promised jobs and futures, and instead given a life of sex slavery in the dark corner of a brothel.

Matt jumped in — he rigged an undercover camera and posed as a “john” in bars and brothels, gathering intel for understaffed and underfunded local police, so they could find and rescue underage girls being sold for sex. As relationships with police, organizations, and other investigators grew, The Exodus Road was born.

From the beginning, Matt and Laura knew that effective search and rescue had to be driven by nationals, fueled by collaboration, and supported by innovative technology.

The nonprofit that began as a coalition of investigators in Southeast Asia has transformed into an organization working in countries across the globe, employing national investigators and western operatives, working together with law enforcement and NGOs, and supporting prevention and aftercare for a wholistic attack on modern day slavery.

The Exodus Road operates in India, Southeast Asia, the United States and Latin America. The nonprofit has helped rescue more than 800 victims of human trafficking and has helped arrest more than 300 traffickers and offenders.

Matt commented in those early days that “justice is in the hands of the ordinary,” and that mantra continues to be the heartbeat of The Exodus Road as it inspires communities to join the fight. The organization’s main office and cyber operations center are in Colorado Springs, Colo.

City Centre Coffee has partnered with The Exodus Road to help rescue girls and children from human trafficking. For more information on The Exodus Road and their rescue work around the world, visit their website at the link provided below. A portion of each sale at City Centre Coffee goes to this vital effort to free men, women, and children from slavery.