Asian Rescue Home for Human Trafficking

Each year, approximately 15,000 girls from just one Asian nation are sold into the sex trafficking industry. The combination of poor, desperate families living in remote mountain villages and the lack of this country enforcing effective sex trafficking laws make this area a prime target for abducting young girls. Traffickers can convince a family that their daughter is going to be educated or employed if they allow them to take her to another country. Many times a family will never hear from their daughter again!

It is only later, they find out they have released their child into the hands of criminals who sell them into the sex trade. Sometimes a girl who is at risk can be rescued before she is taken away; at other times, she can be saved directly from a brothel. Unfortunately, in some cases these girls escape and return home only to find out that their parents won’t take them back out of fear of what the village community might say.

In 2010, this scheme came to the attention of representatives of Eagle Projects International (EPI) who partnered with another organization, and embarked on an effort to create a safe home where these girls would be sheltered from the traffickers and given the skills for successful and meaningful lives. There are 17 girls currently at the home going to school, cultivating vegetables and rice, raising animals, laughing, healing and living in safety. These girls are now free to become anything they want. Since it's inception, thirty girls have come through the home. They are either now married or have been taught a skill to be self sustaining. At this time, eight more young ladies who are at risk are being identified and will soon be rescued.

Once a girl is rescued, EPI along with the local director share a long-term financial commitment to see that every young lady is educated, taught a trade or even provided with resources for starting small businesses to support themselves. With your coffee or tea purchase, trafficked and hopeless girls are protected and given a place to call home and the freedom to take hold of their own lives.

City Centre Coffee has partnered with Eagle Projects International (EPI) to see that each girl's dream becomes a reality. EPI has been ministering in this country since 1991. They work alongside the national director, committed to the goal of seeing each girl has all that she needs to succeed in life. For more information on their organization and activities around the world, visit the EPI website at the link provided below. A portion of each sale at City Centre Coffee goes to this vital ministry that delivers children from the epidemic of human trafficking.

* For security reasons, the girls pictured here are not ones actually in the rescue home. However, the photos do reflect the girl's age and localities where traffickers are working.