Idaho Food Bank

Lake City Community Food Bank (LCCFB) is associated with Lake City Church in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho and exists to demonstrate Christ’s love by providing food at no charge to the hungry in the community who are in crisis and need short-term assistance. LCCFB is an independent food bank facility, not relying upon government provision, but wholly dependent upon God believing that real life transformation begins with a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

The Lake City Food Bank has helped more than 100,000 people since it was launched in 2006. They help feed hungry people in the north Idaho community who, in many instances have no hope, brought on by impossible circumstances. The Food Bank offers practical support on a temporary basis and aims to quickly get people back on their feet so that when the time is right, they can begin to help others as they have been helped by the LCCFB. The Food Bank does this by building relationships with them, then together coming up with a plan to help them become employable, including resume writing, interview skills, financial planning and budgeting. The Food Bank walks alongside them through this process encouraging, supporting and holding them accountable to their goals.

City Centre Coffee is partnering with Lake City Food Bank to give the hungry in their community hope beyond their present circumstances. For more information on the Lake City Food Bank organization and activities, visit the LCCFB website at the link provided below. A portion of each sale at City Centre Coffee goes to help feed and restore the hungry of north Idaho